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Millions of fans around the world have been stuck to TV screens and monitors for years to see what will happen to our favorite Game Of Thrones characters. The exciting plot, grand scenery and talented actors who literally live the lives of their characters on the screen did the trick!

And not only intrigues and fights were fascinating the fans, but also the beauty of the females of the series. We have collected the most spectacular Game of Thrones hairstyles you should try and found out how to create them at home!

1. Cersei Lannister Hairstyles

  • If you want to create huge broken waves, it is better to use wide curling.
  • Take the hair strands from your face, gather them in braids or plaits and fix with stealth at the back of your head.


2. Sansa Stark Hairstyles #1

  • Use the spray with sea salt on your hair to create a suitable texture.
  • Then dry the hair.
  • Divide the upper fraction of your hair and make the separate partings.
  • Twist the light harnesses and fix it on the back of your head.

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